Disquito - Neural Aggressor

Neural Aggressor Letra y Canción

Koyi K Utho

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NEURAL AGGRESSOR es una canción de Koyi K Utho.


'Neural Aggressor'

Start the plot
Human society beggins to be scared
Scared for the madness of a new rage

Neural aggressor
Psychopathic behavior
Rusty norms reflects the modern illness

Shock by shock
Man's immersed in forgiveness
Perpetual ignition of terrorist factions
Disposed to abolish tyrannic nations
Self rebellion against the empire

Human being disorder
Pandemic noise of fury

Roll the creature's head
Burn the masses tongue
The phobia,the crow,the hell

My face (putrified by death)
So grey (is the air to breath)
Is lost (in the ground)

Hate's growing inside
Nothing can stop the cancer
Now the freak's get out of me