Beautiful lie de Nick Carter

Beautiful lie Letra

Nick Carter


'Beautiful lie'

I’m gone
The ground is shaking under
Feels like the world
May all come crashing down
Now your words
And sorrys have no meaning
Baby you lied

You turned it on
Wasn’t my imagination
Everybody Knows
That you’ve been running round
So dumb
Let you play with my emotions
Baby you lied

If this isn’t love
What did I feel I inside
If this aint love
How could you look in my eyes
Cause my heart is breakin’, not falling this time
This can’t be love now I know
You’re a beautiful lie
It’s just a
beautiful lie

So cold
Had me wrapped around your finger
Part of a Show
Like a puppet on a string
How could I know
I was just another victim
Baby you lied


I can’t stay when I keep falling apart
I won’t be here waiting lost in the dark
Now I know it’s time to let go
And I won’t take this anymore
I don’t wanna be lonely but I can’t take no more
You’re just a heartache baby
I’m out that door

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