Daiki Kasho

Letra de la canción

It's not a "play another game"
cause we were born a ruthless fool
Who can explain the reason why?
through thick and then is what deserves
This seting we can justify
Who needs the mercy
Come and try
Don't care how you feel
Just don't wanna let you down
I can feel my heart cry!!!
No way to escape it
No time for set-back
No tears to throw down
No fears to softly throw this fight
And heaven only knows...
I'm a fool?
Some battles waning here but the winner take it all
Till all is said and done
Nobody knows
The winner takes it all

could've been!

No winner standing face to face (could've been!)
That's something we can live and learn (could've been!)

Letra añadida por: meny66

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