Arcangel La Maravilla

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Arcangel La Maravilla


Aparentemente (en inglés)

Ladies And Gentlemen
You will be witnesses De ..
A musical evolution
(baby Records De La Ghetto Arcangel Pa ')
(Yaga Y Mackie)

Apparently Not
No Te Quiero Conmigo Ou NOOOOOOOOO
You knew that if I
I also have mine (2x) Ou Noooooooo

Nena Tu Padre No Me Want to
Por Mi Flow Nena
For how much I love you
Mami Own Nena
Por Que No Sabes Lo Que Siento
Mami Own Nena
(Can not Understand)
Tu Padre Cree Que Soy De Barrio Because
Are irrelevant
But I on the elegance
I Placeres Diamonds
Much Fragrance
Nothing to envy
I have Money In Abundance

If You Want Me You Can Bring
To a safe place Que Te Va Gustar
Uhh feels good
It feels good to kiss Ey
A Mi Callejon Te Voy A Move
Many Beautiful Things You Enjoy
Uhh Te Va A Gustar
I know Te Va A Gustar Ou ..

Apparently Not
No Te Quiero Conmigo Ou Noooooooo
You knew that if I
I also have mine (2x) Ou NOOOOOOOOO

Forget My kimicoMami Llama A Mi Celi
My Style Is So
Well Mackiabeli
Do not be surprised
Cheka My garments such as Brightness
I know what you think of me
But I know that catch your attention Mami
Look no further Follow
Mirame Bien

I know that you also
Check Your Body At
In The Kill Look So
Round Round You Skin
My Making For Ever
Uhh Is Not A Deal Girl
Girl Uhh Can not You See
Perdona Mi Atrevimien-to
When I come to your leather-po
Tu Piel Me Causa excitation
Si Tu Me Quieres Besame La Boca

Apparently Not
No Te Quiero Conmigo
You knew that if I
I also have mine (2x

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APARENTEMENTE es una canción de Arcangel La Maravilla. Agradecemos a damiuru1992 por haber sudido la letra de Aparentemente.