Letra de la canción

In the nightfall, the shadows around me
Taking off my blood and freezing my heart
I resist in my belief
I can see the light in the middle of the dark

Trying to spot my glory
The creatures of the night send dreams for me
Burning the sins from my knowing
A silent voice says what I must be

But I draw up my sword
And my courage will be proved again, and again and again…
My honor and my word
Are my favorite weapons remain
Inside of my heart

Freedom, freedom forever, the feelin’ in my soul, the still in my heart
For ever and ever, running in my thought, keeping strong my arms
Like the shining star in the infinity
I see your might
Freedom, we’ll stand together, I need your bless to build a paradise

Wounds that never heal
Useless remedies without effect
I live a life I don’t feel
My eyes don’t give attention to the attack
I can feel the soft wind in my hair
My hope doesn´t leave me feel the despair
The freedom arises in my life…

Letra añadida por: blackheaven (#6.634)

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