Barón Rojo

Letra de la canción

If I hear you knocking hard up on my door
Ain't no way that I’m gonna answer it
‘Cos cheating is a one thing and lying is another
And when I say it`s over that`s it I’m gonna quit yeah

Now I ain't complaining, just trying' to understand
What makes a woman do the things she does
One day she`ll love you the next day she`ll leave you
Why can`t we have it just the way it used to be

Why can`t we have it baby 'cos I’m a man, I got my pride
Don't need no woman to hurt me inside
I need a love like any other
So go on and leave me, leave me for another

Good loving' gone bad, good loving' gone bad,
Good loving' gone bad and baby I’m a bad man
Good loving' gone bad

Letra añadida por: Metal-letras (#7.399)

Barón Rojo
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