The Party Posse

Letra de la canción

Party Posse, who possess the earth,
Greatest band since music's birth.
We love to sweat and we love to sing,
We are very funky but not threatening.
We are the best band in the world,
But I would give everything for that special girl.
For that special girl! Special Girl.
For that special girl! Only you

I saw you last night at the spelling bee
I knew right then that it was L-UV
I've got to spell out what you mean to me,
Cause I can no longer a be...a silent G
I've gotta spell out, I've gotta spell out.
I've gotta spell out what you mean to me.
Oh, Say Can You Rock?

There trouble in a far off nation,
Time to get in love formation,
Your love is more deadly than Sadam,
That's why I gotta drop da bomb!


Yvan Eht Nioj,
Yvan Eht Nioj,
Yvan Eht Nioj,
Yvan Eht Nioj,
Yvan Eht Nioj,

This Party is happenin',
It's not mirage,
So sing it again,

Yvan Eht Nioj!
Yvan Eht Nioj,
Yvan Eht Nioj!

Jony the navy
Jony the navy
Jony the navy

Had a girl in every port,
From here to Barcelona!
But now I'm docked in Springfield;
And girl, I'm gonna phone ya!
Stormed a lot of beaches,
But you're the one that I missed.
Let's get back together, girl,
Let's reenlist!
So sign me up for a hitch of love,
Recruit my heart,
Four sweet years of love!
Let's march all day,
And clean latrines all night...
Don't bust me down,
Let's re-up tonight!
Let's re-up tonight!

Letra añadida por: alucard sharingan

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