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Negative FX


Protestor (Letra/Lyrics)

Bang on the table scream out your guts
It's not the words it's the knife that cuts
Walk in line wave the flag
Go rant all you want you're just a fuc*** fag
You can go shout and scream
Protest for your stupid dream
But when it's time to hear the word
Your fuc*** shouts won't be heard

It's too late now the draft is near
Poland has become your fear
March to death walk in line
Death will come but it won't be mine
The government will dig your grave
It's the only way you'll be saved
Unless you find that the only way
Is to fight back when you have your say

Datos de esta canción

PROTESTOR es una canción de Negative FX. Agradecemos a Tommy_Vegan por haber sudido la letra de Protestor.