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Only lonely nights I can look at me inside,
and soaking up the essence of all my feelings,
rid of unnecessary weight from my body,
and let a stream of feelings come to me.
It is only at that moment that I see in front,
the truth of me, without apparent borders,
let the ink as blood slide
the victim of a crime, (killed by hunger).
Hunger of violence and call it vengeance,
for the victims of the day to day break this lance,
by those who learned to live without instructions,
only with blows and cheating trace these lines.
Dying is not very difficult on the streets of the city,
days are harpoons, routine makes me disturbed,
that's why I learned addictive behavior
I call to witness the flow of blood in my saliva.
Look at me, with this sick child's face,
animosity and depressed, exhausted, and brittle,
reflection of a degenerate generation,
anti-heroes of life without hopes of a morning.
It will be like tomorrow, like yesterday
Like always, always the same one swallow and follow,
soil retrace my steps but there's no solution,
I have a shattered past hidden in a drawer.
I have a prison, a passion, (and I have a dream),
who love and care to keep as gold cloth,
I have to spit this shit from small
and that I do not particularly live lost in the herd.
Bath salts lexicon heal my ills,
more than any doctor with artificial drugs,
ropes for my kids I do for them,
music for my people to release their necks.
Alli live where everything is governed by fashions,
I walk the streets are a drug supermarket,
not easy to be strong but we on the eggs,
love forever, my people kill and die.

(Chorus) (x2)
Every blow us her courage,
do not know fear, we move decisively,
strong man, the street a prison,
we have a bullet aimed at the heart

(Utan Bassum) (x2)
if what does not kill makes us stronger,
each shock, shaking my head,
but I get up, keeps me from death,
I kept inert to the hatred of your people.

Now hear our voice, nobody can stop fate,
of men who move without fear,
hearts wrought iron,
and the streets we were growing,
Fit the blows and then
we raise our fists at heaven,
his lies will not hurt us,
his lies will not hurt us.
And if life shows you a face,
each side and each shows you a life,
are the bumps and bruises
that they were marked,
experiences of battle scars,

Life will knock me out and put on gloves for not warning
came from behind fast, icy breath I
sometimes swerving his fist in time, and sometimes not,
sometimes I was so slow that I fainted and sometimes failure.
And today porto scars with pride as a soldier,
I called Baghdad bombs have endured,
harassed, accused, I have an evil,
and he tells me, because my side hurt quintupled.
Tell me you're immune, you assume sticks with character,
I have taken many in my soul opened a crater,
scarred for life (eternal dance)
walk among snakes, (but it forward).
Despite the scares, grief, boulders fit,
despite biting, disappointments, unfair relaxation,
my mind and I hope to give the providential, shot,
the circumstances I have made of steel.
(Blows), a false love you so much,
rain of tears, disappointment left trace,
and made me grow up, to forget,
I put my tears in a bottle and threw it into the sea.
Nothing grave, nor the fierce heat that fills this game,
my rap underground rumbles of filthy scum,
so abundant, I leave outside my image
before ascending to heaven as an archangel.
Your hard look, a child no excuse,
knot between text and confusing concepts rifle
flipaba with gangster rap when I was a roockie,
I now write children as Stan pa Tuki is so useful.
If you think that life hits you
and when you least expect it comes your reward,
so be patient, Abram, Nach, Utan Bassum doing science,
lessons of survival.

(Chorus) (x2)
Every blow us her courage,
do not know fear, we move decisively,
strong man, the street a prison,
we have a bullet aimed at the heart

(Utan Bassum)
If what does not kill makes us stronger,
each shock, shaking my head,
but I get up, keeps me from death,
and keeps me inert to the hatred of your people.

Already, every shot is a principle,
Abram, aha, a look into the future, Utan Bassum, Nach, ok.
Every shot I, when the music is a mystery, every phrase is a proverb,
every shot, every shot.




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