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'Born in Babylon'

I came from nothing but not nothing like "nothing"
"Nothing", like "nobody thought i was something"...
"Nothing", like "called every name in the book",
But for every second guess
i never gave a second look
Look, i fell myself
"Don't let it get to me.
cuz if the best the got is not impressing me,
then theres no reason they should get the best of me,
While they were aiming at my words
they missed the rest of me

How can i stop all these
critics from their talking
the more i do, the more they say
But there's no way i'm stopping
so they just keep on talking
Who do you think i think i am?

I got the felling that there's more like me
Born in Babylon but you just got to be free
Shackles on your feet that you and me can't see,
but you can feel them and they're heavy,
so you need that key
and now you're looking at your hand, saying
"Man, if i ditch the system, these could be mine"
but the your hear a voice come up from behind,
"Don't even think about stepping out of line..."

My friends are deep and they're all i got,
and they stand up behind me if you like it or not
and i'm telling you that the Fire's Hot,
did you see that smoke
and did you hear that shot...

Cuz it's a war and in the middle I AM
So judge now with your pen in hand
Cuz i'm too busy to judge another man,
i'm trying to write the blueprint
for all the world to understand

The want stop talk, and i regrent me giving
you any little voice at all
But saving this world just come with a cost...
"...maybe they were right from the start..."
Maybe i should be myself, cuz i'm just giving
these critics help..."
And it makes me twist my stomach in half,
that my pen and his pen are put into the some breath.
If I never tried to do this at all,
Then i think he'd be out of a jov.
"...and maybe i just should've stayed in bed,
stay out of the booth and put all these guitars in the closet..."
"...maybe i should go back to school,
buy any more education just make me feel like a fool..."
so I guess I Goot let critics talk, cuz I WONT STOP!...

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