Néstor en Bloque

I'm looking back
And I can see my whole life
And I'm at peace
Well I lived in my own way

I grew up without wasting,
Achieve embrace the whole world and more
Thousand dreams
I lived in my

Pain, not known,
And I received compensation
I followed without hesitation,
Achieve overcome disappointments
My plan failure ever
And I was measuring a bends
Especially if more
I lived in my

That was me who has to repeat and
So I wanted to pursue random
If I hide if I safe
What I lost not cry
Because I lived, I always lived

To my way ...

I also suffered and shared know long way
Lost and rescue more bears no bitter times
I never regretted it if I gave all my dreams love
I cried and laughed if it was my way
They can say or criticize
If I learned to give up to
If you die and have to go
Nothing left undelivered because
I lived always lived my way .....
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Néstor en Bloque

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