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Have not we promised to always be together
I knew that my surrender to evil
If ignorance is bliss
then I want to be
I want to be blissfully ignorant

thought he had matured
I was wrong
I became expert in finger

had it all figured out what was going to say
It had to come
I promise to sing that melody that makes you smile
you prefer to hear that song and remember how it goes

I'm not really that far
only a few hours there
With the accession of this map
no matter where I go
few inches between you and me

we adhere separated

these are only centimeters
acercate acercate
acercate acercate

I promise you sing this melody to smile
you prefer to hear that song
which can not play
no, do not yields never
do not give up ever
since you do not see that without you no more
no, I can not help
I know I'm wrong
I admit, without me no more

Letra añadida por: amin_19

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