Antonio Neal

Letra de la canción

This morning I gut up
You were on my mind
Another day to love my wife
And impact on my children's life
And even if I wanted to
How could I complain
'Cause if you live here long enough
You will experience the rain

You're the air I breath
Like a summer breeze
I love being in your presence
Like an empty cup
You have filled me up
You are beauty beyond measure
No one else can be
What your love conceived
I'm in love with You forever

Lord I thank you for the days of my live
You've been so good to me
Even when I have to cry sometimes
Lord you stay so faithfully
Lord I thank you for my family
So much joy they bring
I just wanna
I just gotta
I just need to thank you

Whenever I get down
I can't stay there for long
Thank you for this breath
'Cause I can't breathe without You
And I thank You for my strength
I can't move without You

Letra añadida por: Tiezok (#305)

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