Another Found Self

Letra de la canción

Bright lights, big city,
It looks nice from way up here.
And I guess that my life has been good to me.
Too bad I have to jump right now.

Fast cars, small people,
They don't see me way up here.
They're so dumb and I'm done with them all today.
That's why I'm going to jump right now.

But I won't mind them when I'm falling through the air,
Come tomorrow, they won't even remember that I was here.

Catch my breath and hit the concrete.
I said goodbye, now will you see me?

Sirens scream loudly,
And I bleed until my eyes fall shit.
Then I leave this city.
The bright lights can't blind me now.

The white flag flies. I have submitted my surrender.
They won't throw funerals. This crash will be my ender.

Dim lights, dark city.
It looked nice from way up there.

Letra añadida por: Tiezok (#305)

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