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I will not speak the spell for not dying against, nay
I will not speak the spell for not dying again

I am the murderous Seth
My hostility made manifest
in the rebellousness that is humanity

Entwined in coils of wrath
I disrupt the continuity of the sublime
and defy the words spoken from the mouth of Ra

We are they whom the gods detest

I deny the secrecy of the texts
I blaspheme the sacred scrolls
Unwilling to submit
I embrace what Ra hath called profane

I shall not hail to he who rises and sets
I shall not bend to he who imprisons myriads at his will
He who would bathe in my blood
and drink my gore

Embraced within the coils of Set
I have no fear of the second death
Of being slashed with knives
Of being butchered on the slaughtering blocks

No god or demon will feed on
my entrails or drink my blood
No blind servant of the throne of Ra
shall I willingly allow to devour me
No consuming flames of uttermost damnation shall I fear
My tongue speaking words of
redemption shall ever penetrate my will
Darkly splendid I remain unconquered

Supreme and terrible Ra
Who maketh gods and men tremble before thee
I am counted amongst legions of the unrighteous
who dread not being immersed in pits of fire

We are they whom the gods detest

Letra añadida por: XSadistico666X (#8.495)

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