A Escondidas de Emanuel Ortega

A Escondidas en inglés

Emanuel Ortega


A Escondidas (en inglés)

Inevitably what I did as I feared
at least what I expected you were already in my life
inevitably your love
took hold of my heart
friend of mine ...
Desperately I tried to hide that something happened
but it was impossible, a good actor you I did not believe
and I could not help
I left you fall in love
forbidden woman ...
and it is very good that you already have owned
is my best friend
I can not fail ...
I love you secretly
not help feeling as mine
as telling him in my life now
is you, whom I love without having to
ohhh no ...
I love you secretly
I do not want to cause injury
that can hurt you by telling
I am, without wanting to love you
ohhh no! accidentally in love ...
Inevitably what I did as I feared
I made the mistake of noticing when you should not
and I would not feel what I feel about you now
forbidden woman ...
A hidden ...

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