La canción 'Beneath' se estrenó en 2008. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Of All the Wrong Things

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Should the sun hurt my eyes
Then should I close them
Should I seek hide from under
Under soothing rock so heavy

Beneath the world will I hide
till the end
Beneath this soil will I find
A resting place, warm and safe
I would not seek for knowledge
I just long for the silence
Should I long for company
Worms of earth will keep me

Just lay me down
let me be all by myself
sick of listening
to your poisoned words
sick of hearing
of a better way
sick of knowing
what have I done

Bring yourself to see My demise
Bring all you've got, and blame it all on me
for I am here, dying at your feet
See for one last time how I curse you all

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