It's Gonna Be Me

It's Gonna Be Me


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It's Gonna Be Me

You've might been hurt babe That ain't no lie You've seen them all come and go, oh Iremember you told me That it mad you believe in No man, no cry Maybe that's why Chorus Every little thing I do Never seems enough for you You don't wanna lose it again But I'm not like them Babby, when you finally Get to love somebody Guess what It's gonna be me You've got no choice babe But to move on, you know There ain't no time to waste, 'cause your just To blind to see But in the end you know it's gonna be me You can't deny So just tell me why Repeat Chorus There comes a day When I'll be the one You'll see It's gonna, gonna, gonna, gonna, gonna, It's gonna be me All that I do Is not enough for you Don't wanna lose it But I'm not like When finally you get to love Guess What, guess what Repeat Chorus

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