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After you Letra

Still Pending


After you (Letra/Lyrics)

It's today here it comes
It's all happening at once
My heart beats faster but I know
I should try not to show

Make your way through the crowd
And like a wave it's coming loud
Add it up and it seems
Like your mind just wants to scream

Bass Solo

I gotta do what I'm destined to
Say what I do and follow through

I'm following my senses of what way to go
I'm making all the right turns that I think I should know
I'm getting ready for all this and I hope it'll make a difference
Whoa, whoa, whoa

Just after you

Lay it out and see what's next
All that matters is this text
It's an easy task for most
But for me it's hard to boast

Bass solo
Guitar Solo
Guitar Solo

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