El ultimo quijote
en inglés

Amaia Montero

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EL ULTIMO QUIJOTE es una canción de Amaia Montero.


El ultimo quijote (en inglés)

I want to continue
Pulling down the food,
To ask a fish
The smallest of your crumbs

I do not want the water just want your saliva
As the desert to the sea
I would give my rush to dive.

I want to fight
Against the arms of the mill,
Against the wind without fear
To meet on the road

No I just want to air your breath,
As crazy reason
I would like to give the sense

And if not wet dressing
Having the excuse mourn
Ask his chest like a child
Finding the spring.

And walk and walk
From your feet to your neck
As you walk the troubadour
And walk and walk
As I made ​​the last Quijote
And doing night in your lung
And walking and walking again repeat
The Anatomy Lesson

I feel
The little space between your arms,
Your lung and my lung
As the gates of a palace

And although your skin as my skin than satin
Needless quilt,
While the clothes always burn in the mattress.


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