Brocolli Letra

Everything was going just the way
i planned the brocolli was done
she doesnt no that im a virgin
in the kitchen coz its normally
my mum
But then she called me
and thats when she said to me
she wasnt coming round for tea
i should of known much better
but its so hard i cant forget her
and she keeps playing me around
but im trying so hard to impress her
she puts me under so much pressure
i just wanted her to let me know
she cares
Blowing out the candles now
and thats the way she treats me
im a fool
everyone will tease me now
and rumours start to spread around
the school
They say that im a loser
that girls so cruel
but i keep feeding her the fuel

Datos de esta canción

BROCOLLI es una canción de McFly.