Letra de la canción

A few days ago I knew her
She sat down immediately
She said " Much I please, she stops I invite a wine "
I present as Abigail
I haunt her look
Then we converse
Chat with the malignant thing

I do a bit more than 10 years
That already I do not say god
Because? Because I make myself alone

You walks, try it once again
That nobody is going to find out, whole
I will remain quiet

Hear I would be charmed with knowing
That is what would happen
if I die tomorrow, to where iria my soul?

Do not worry, estaras well
I will have a rinconcito
There below with me
And together with your friends

Which is your favorite sin?
And that so frequent you fall in
My new friend?

I do not have one especially
Since everything knows me badly, already which
The falsehood!!

Do you want to live as one more?
Do you prefer some kind of majestual?

I offer you mas, pleasures many mas
I offer you life

At all, of it I am interested in nothing
Desire to know myself mas
So already not which is my goal

I deal already not to lose any more time
I go away with someone more
Someone more with less force

At all, of it I am interested in nothing
I wish know me more
So(Then,Since) already not which is my goal

Letra añadida por: dks_29

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