'Don´t forget' de SOJA (Born In Babylon)

Don´t forget



it wasn't you, its just the way we
rool the dice, if these
cards would fall right
it wasn't you, it's just the timing and the place that's wrong
and something is gone, but
don't you forget about the life
that we talked about you
cruise and you're forgetting:
table's got a leg to stand on,
a life to hang on, it's
you that you decieve
it wasn't you
who put yourself in all these
game, these neverending ways, yeah...

i know it's not you-
cuz i can feel the fire
blaze those same
light rains, yeah

it wasn't you
cuz noone sees them selves
at all the same as
anybody else and
it wasn't you
cuz every little thing
has changed, but
i know its never too late
we all need some legs to stand on

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