Canción 'Contagious' del disco 'Contagious' interpretada por Y&T

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CONTAGIOUS es una canción de Y&T del año 1987, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Contagious.



<1st Verse>
Hey, Run it through a red light,
Twice the speed of sound,
Drive it on the white line,
Pull it in and out,

Grab the wheel and take a chance at luck,
We got the rythem, gonna tear it up,
And burn it after midnight,

(Ohh - ohh - ohh)
It's getting dangerous, it's contagious,
(Ohh - ohh -ohh)
It's outragious, it's contagious,

<2nd Verse>
Say (Hey) Walkin' on the high wire,
Over a net of flames,
Headin' for the wild life,
We're free to break the chains,

<2nd Pre-Chorus>
Well, Don't hesitate when the feelings right,
Forget about it shake and roll the dice,
And burn it after midnight,

You know what time it is?
It's time to get wild......