White Skull

Letra de la canción

Flight of raven, messenger from otherworld
Flight of raven, fairies dancing slow

Faught the firbolgs in the north
Learnt the magic knowledge
Took the stone of fal
Power of the gods

Roar of the flight in the darkned light
Death smiles from the sky
Side by side, desperate cry
We faught to overcome
Battle's won, hundred died

Neverending night kill to survive
We faught for the king with the silver hand
Neverending fight took the holy fire
Nuada is the king with the silver hand

Blood on the swords, the fighting goes on
Legendary tales of immortal gods
War is pain, war is death
No place for poetry
Victory has a bitter taste

Letra añadida por: Darkness54 (#12.593)

White Skull
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