Canción 'Attle And Bleda' del disco 'Forever Fight' interpretada por White Skull

Attle And Bleda Letra

White Skull

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ATTLE AND BLEDA es una canción de White Skull del año 2009, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Forever Fight.

Letra 'Attle And Bleda'

Huns came across the east lands
Ohh they came to pillage
They were bringing death

Huu they had a leader
Attle and his brother Bleda
They wanna conquer the world

Attle murdered Bleda
And he will be the one and only leader

Attle's greed was stronger than love
He didn't care 'bout anyone
And Bleda hindered his plans

Huuu Barbarian warriors
In battlefield they fought and
Only one man raised his head

Huns came across the east lands
Ohh they rode to pillage
On their horses of death

Then Attle reigned in his kingdom
And Bleda laid underground!

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