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'Brown To The Bone'

First of all id like to dedicate this song to all the vatos from San Diego. Straight out the 6 1 9 with a rhyme and to all my homies doing time dont let no one get you down.

Well im brown to da bone
cafe is da color of my skin.
The crazy knightowl is back once again
with another top rola.

I stoped the car i seen a hina walking sola she got near the ramfla and she was looking kinda buena, Como te llamas?, she said Elena.

Le dije mi nombre pero me dicen tecolote y sabes que? Gurl ya got me all locote, ur fine and ur a pretty ass chicana, spend the night i'll take u home en la mañana, di que si baby doll get in my carucha, u've heard about me and they told u to be trucha.

Otra vez como la ves da same story, a rumor started by a girl named Lori. Celosa cuz down came her pantalones, when i was through i sent her home sin calsones all exited. And told her friends i was her vato, and then i had problemas with her brother gato, a cholo, a young vato acting kinda loco, I put a ???? cuz to me hes just a moco.

Another day is about to begin, fresh out the cama,
open the fridge and then i grab me a caguama,
temprano early in the morning pisteando, poque ando crudo y me la estoy curando.

Waiting for the homies, the carshow is just bout to begin, and all the sudden i heard the telephoe ring, quiubole?, whos dis por el otro lado?, Then heard the horn of my homies el dorado.

Abro, i got in the ramfla, so now we take a little vuelta, i almost flew out the puerta, damn homie slow it down, this is a lowrider, and as we turn to the right,a couple of stacked golden brown chicanitas se miran buenas, and to all of the hinitas. un beso le damos por ser las mas hermosas.

Oye como va i mira como son las cosas, with the,
O-W-L, el Mexicano bien tumbado, ??? ???? con el pantalon aguado, whos down for da verde blanco y colorado, toda la sanger que por una and derramado.

Im crousing around, a young bum flips el dedo, yo paro el carro y digo, Que onda quieres pedo con migo?, Dice simon haora, I gave him credit cuz, the ???? had some ????,. But still that aint enough to come and try to get the gloves on ,
te dejo just like a tampon, sangrado, so who u trying to mad dog ese?, got out the ride i had to teach the boy a lesson, el respeto que merece a los OG's, and drive away as i listen to my oldies.

Una vez mas, we better get along and have paz. The brown against the brown that aint the way to get down. thats y im doing this sound, now dont get my wrong, Im still donw for the barrio.

I dedicate this to my good frien mario, rest in peace form this earth you had to depart, but you will always be inside of the heart.

From the town and all the homies,and all the homies who are gathered around, agarren la onda and be proud to be brown.

And this is going out to all the lovely ladies, cuz u always look so fine, pretty lady please dont keep me waitin, all i wanna do is make you mine, hey pretty lady ooohhhhhhhh.

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