Gods Of The World

Crystal Eyes

Letra de la canción

Heed the call that's striking the skyline of the world
A screaming sound louder than no one's ever heard

Like a mighty roarig fire
Coming down from high above
From the kingdom of the sky
to defend the earth

We are the heroes of our time
We are the guardians of mankind
We're riding the never-ending storm
We're the army of the sky
Power and glory, we'll never die
We're fighting the forces of evil
We're the gods of the world

Deliverance, from all the pain in human minds
Rising hope, leaving the troubles far behind

As the sunlight burns the rainbow,
great saviours fill the air
To protect the human race
and save the world

[Solo: Nyberg - Dahl - Niberg - Dahl]

And we're riding tonight
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: AdriRanis (#69)

Crystal Eyes
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