If you want to see die
Laredo control
minds if you kill you (2)

We are the weeds
you cut off the head
sorry this game begins
and since you asked for mercy
show them my dementia
no shots on my conscience
have dogs and clemency
I remove them the existence
I want to see their resistance
because my people are the brunt
when the vergazos
we broke up you arms
tell me you love puppy
I kill you with a bullet?
expedition with my gray Laredo I move
and you want a coconut, and hate one granadazo
I do not ask nor permit, either I bring a sheet
San Judas protects me that I power my expense each
respected music fair
command this alert

Wave paper, we came to collapse today
if I'm a trained assassin pa 'killing
nomas and tell me when I download my arsenal

I will not take my pa'riiba and I am and I'm right
pa 'rafagazos anyone who gets in the chest
and I do not care what my estrumpe me is already done
who bring the MP60 to bring vest
Many are afraid of us, that we will die throw
suncada grenade leaves with horns and arecriz
please tell me kid, do not be bloody
what happens, I'm in the neighborhood and I love being a hitman
is easily killed them, I kill them without a doubt
just hearing the feimusic ass makes you sweat
not cry, okay? Evitence comments
sovereign and home caravan hitmen
we do not buy churros, we pounds of pot
Parcia not buy, buy kilos dimension
Laredo Saifreis Music is all that matters
that shit stick, my godparents were the cut
and sent here by controlling the disco
have all the powers
So run, that will fire, this is just beginning
comin walk in the streets with weed control

If you want to see die
Laredo control
minds if we kill you

Always firm, all with blood killers
Weigh down the look on my list I have to various
of you and brush respected
and you say no, you mochamos head
Games chime R15 12 grenades
always load it all in the litter
Our neighborhood is very firm to talk to a stone
kill my mind thinks and what my R15 bankruptcy
dangerous as a rattlesnake vigora
all weeds are 5th level
on the streets of married, Tijerina is pending
and the nose and the weak, the weed is increciente
Bring the stick, pa our people will fire them
torture in our ranches
to do so in three steps
tablearnos, kill them and then cook
we are mere bitch across the northern region
and we envy, behave better than
that it turns green, the weeds we spend
with erick moqin nose and burned them

If you want to see die
Laredo control
minds if you kill you (2)


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