The Black Keys

Force It 'Til You Hear It Snap - Letra

The Black Keys

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The world won't end when i close my eyes
sometimes i wish it would
imagine the faces of strangers exploding
life ain't too short, its too fuc*** long
and i live in regret
your scars aren't shaped like mine
its hard for me to trust anyone
and thats what hurts the most
i've got a heart that i can't open
and fists that i keep closed
memories are knives
at the throat of hope
"blisters on the lips of cupid"
and you never knew me
cuts across your pretty face
i can't sing myself to sleep at night
cut the bonds that hold your back
burn the bridges that you despise
stick with the kids that have your back
string up all the fuc*** liars
there's nothing wrong with anger.

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