Lil' Wayne

I´m going in

Lil' Wayne


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Cap Com
Uh Huh
Um True Drizzy

Hello Muthafucka Hey, Hi, How Ya Doin?
Its Weezy F Baby Come To Take A Shit And Urine,
On The Toilet Bowl Bitches,
Pussy Ass Niggaz,
Stompin; On This Beat Like A Muthafuckin Sigma.
Bad To The Bristle,
Hat To The Rizzle'
Im So Official All I Need Is A Whistle,
Bitch Named Crystal,
Let Her Suck My Pistol,
She Opened Up Her Mouth Then I Blow Her Brains Out,
You Aint Met A Nigga Like Me, You Probly Neva Will,
Ridas Rollin With Me Like Eleven Wheels,
Find Out Where You Livin'
Kill You In The Kitchen,
The feds Tryna Clip Us,
But We Aint Even Trippin'

(x4) Im Goin' In....
(x4) And Imma Go Hard....
(x4) Im Goin' In.....
(x4) And Imma Go Hard....

First Off You Know What It Is If You Heard Drake,
Makin' Hoes Wobble Like A Bridge And A Earthquake,
Neva See Me Out, Cuz I Live In My Workplace,
I Give YOu The Business, So Button Up Ya Shirt Straight,
Look At Where I Landed,
You Would Think I Planned it,
Im Just Doin' Me And You Can Never Understand It,
Chicks Get Hammered,
Big Dick Bandit,
Money Flowin' Like A Slit Wrist No Bandage,
Throwin' Purple Clouds Nigga Im So Sky High,
I Aint Cuttin' Anybody Slices Outta My Pie,
Out Of This World Though,
Im So Sci-Fi,
And I Dont Sit Still I Keep It Movin' Like A Drive-By,
I Just Tell The Truth And So Im Cool In Every Hood Spot,
Twenty One Years And I Aint Never Met A Good Cop,
Me And Wayne Lean Like Kareen Do In Hook Shots,
Cover Me Im Goin' In Im Buckin' When The Hook Drops,

(x4) Im Goin' In....
(x4) And Imma Go Hard....
(x4) Im Goin' In.....
(x4) And Imma Go Hard....

Truth Feelin' Like A Freshmen,
Already Need A Letterman,
Late Night With Your Girl And Trees Wish You Let A Man,
F*** A Boy, She Spinnin' That I Warm Up With A Betterman,
All My Money Stretch Like A Gat, Rubber Ends.
Kinda In, No Hot Like A Front Do A Hills,
On The Prices Of Universal If I Would Ever Fail,
Nahh, Aint Gotta Lose Up On Any Baby,
Never Won To The Top With A Rocket Like Brady,
Bitch Call Me Truth, I Just Call Her Old Lady,
Why We Callin Names When She Just Pussy, You Crazyy ?
Yeah Im Bout To Take A Swing Call Me Tiger Woods,
Fresh In The HollyWood,
Ya'll Still Energy, Never Left The Hoooood.

(x4) Im Goin' In....
(x4) And Imma Go Hard....
(x4) Im Goin' In.....
(x4) And Imma Go Hard....

Uh Huh, We Go In.
Weeeeezyyy !
Drizzyyy !
Truthhh !
Cap Coooommmmmmm !

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