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Pimp squad on deck

[Chorus - B.o.B]
Hey hey do you wanna be famous
everywhere you go people know what your name is
everyone you know tryna tell you you changing
they wanna chase that fame fame fame fame fame

[Verse 1: B.o.B]
Famous, everybody wanna be famous
most people wanna just taste it
other people try to just sneak in the VIP and chill with the big faces
literally see them changes when the fame hits
when I’m up on the stage they sing it
as soon as I step off they hate it
and I’m saying I ain’t really with that complaining
just look at the picture I’m painting
yeah I pay my rent, vacation then
take trips all around the equator
then come back to the A hit the stage again
then I go up in the booth where they cage me in
feel regular then I go insane again
if you witness the condition that my brain is in
you would see him in hell where satan is
only thing to do is maintain a friend
cause everybody is trying to get (?)
but f-ck it, this the entertainment biz
so let the games begin, I mean let the flames begin
but hey I’m just trained to this
(?) everybody didn’t get paid from it
I’m famous


[Verse 2 - B.o.B]
Popular, everybody wanna be popular
little kids just be watching us through binoculars
and then they go to school and copy us
but hey I’m not knocking ya but how can y’all not see it’s obvious
cause cops be plotting on us and paparazzi be spying on us
cause everybody just wanna be on MTV or BET
or maybe season MVP or maybe even just prom King or Queen
but everybody can’t be a G-O-to-the-D
and everybody can’t be O-to-the-B
but I don’t know maybe this is just how it’s supposed to be
but this is what’ll happen to y’all
you can go crazy and beat up drunks
the tabloids sayin you hooked on drugs
you cutting up your face then sew it back up
but look, it’s plan to see
nothing in this game be changing me
I’mma always be O-to-the-B me me


Everywhere you go they just wanna be stars
everyone you know wanna drive fancy cars
everyone you know wants you to buy out the bar
they wanna taste that fame fame fame fame fame

Pimp squad on deck
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: PBomb

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