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You make me angry,
You drive me crazy,
The more I care for you
The more I'm over you.

You make me feel pain,
You make me love in vain,
The more I'm getting close
The more I walk away.


I won't be back,
Don't wait for me.
Hey, this is it now,
Hey, this is it now.
I'm on a track,
Don't look for me,
Hey, this is it now,
Hey this is it now…

I'm not gonna cry,
I'll stay in the woods,
When my heart is aching
I dance with the wolves.
I'm not gonna try
To mess with my rules,
When my heart is breaking
I dance with the wolves.

You think you know me,
Think you control me,
The more you feel you’re right,
The more you're going wrong.
Don't say you got me,
You don't know anything about me,
The more you make me weak
The more I'm getting strong
No way…



Hey, go ahead,
Dance, my wolves,
Hey, go ahead,
Dance with me.

Hey, go ahead,
Dance, my wolves,
Hey, go wild,
Dance with me!

Letra añadida por: RuslanaSpain

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