Valencia DKE

Letra de la canción

Did i meet you by surprise?
Or have i seen you before. i don't remember
i think i've seen your smile, but i think i was too drunk
i don't remember

Yo yo VDKE Once again yo!
yo OMGirl hit the song of right now Afterpartyy

Get fuc*** up! Get fuc*** up!
All ya'll mothafuckas Get fuc*** up!

(ok i wanna see you girls show your bubbies and shit)

you betta move ur i'll crush you
maybe even murder u or perhaps i'l slaughter u with
fuc*** kung fu dancin moves
tricks up my sleevesa bitches they recieve a
it gets no betta find urself to do whateva
u want.

get high get drunk get laid, have fun
and dance till u die throw ur hands up in the sky
go bitch move along while u sing this fuc*** song.
drink some shots get fuc*** up

Letra añadida por: ixar

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