Night Train - Your love

Your love Letra



Your love (Letra/Lyrics)

I didn’t want to go
Go back and lack for you
But it's a harmless stroke
I’m addicted to

The way I drag that rone
And satisfied that chum
I think I see your face
Do you come you still?

Those were the times I need’s where the place is
Your love so good
And now that I’m here I suddenly find that
I’m somewhere in backwards

I’m back to where I draft you for
Dreaming and got and you now that
I’m now lying on your floor
Crashed and surfed is in your love

The chemicals react
The molecules collide
The poison works its way
Somewhere down is high

When we were young now
Will we could live love?
But now believers
But time has a knack of pulling the rock up
From one the neither’s

And nothing lies anymore
Instead a victim of your love
And now I’m paying on your door
Time will be back with your love
Over and over with your love

I know the row only goes and
Memories that I’m clutching at
And maybe I’m written back for
Something I never had
Still is seem so real and really is
Rack in threads and lead me back to you

Na na na na
Blame for you

And that the way we’re laughing for
Round where in back within your love
And now I’m lying on your floor
Crashed and surfed is in your love
And when the rabbit thrills we have
Fractioned and forced with your love
You put your spell from you there
Never be broken with your love
Nowhere and round to be in your love
Over and over with your love

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YOUR LOVE es una canción de Keane que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Night Train. Agradecemos a Cami73 por haber sudido la letra de Your love.