I walk alone in a brand new season,
I feel the sun’s rays on my skin
The summer sun can melt my reasons
For living life in a timid way.

I look around but I don’t see you
So now I breath fresh new air
Some Technicolor streets come to me.

I hear them whisper in my ear
Telling me something…

They say that a good time comes
Then I’ll be waiting,
Whenever things go wrong
I won’t run away.

In every corner of my city
Hope is waiting just for me,
The traffic noise confused my feelings
And cleared my mind of yesterday.

There’s something special here around me,
Children’s laughter makes me smile,
Streets I’m walking sounds so different.

“It’s time to fill with colours the grey shades of your own world”

There’re too many things to appreciate
With every step that I take,
I’m hearing some voices in my head, telling me something…
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