|Mario C|

Im Sorry
Do You Know Who Im Am?

Look When It Comes To Us
Dont Be Trippin Off Age
I Know How You Get When You See Me On Stage
Im Workin It Like Im Tryna Get A Raise
But Im Gettin So Paid.
I Can Get You Made
I Got Cheese Like A Maze Mouse
When Im Grown Baby We Can Play House
You Can Be Momma He Can Be Poppa
I Can Be The Milkman The Real Baby Father
It Dont Matter Cause When He Leave The Casa
Lets Get Louder. Make It Scream Like The Opera
You Grown But I Know You Like The Opposite .
Thats Me. Im Young
So Lets Be ? Lets Run Out
I Can Be Your Fun Thing
I Can Make You Cry Like A Onion
Make You Numb When My Toungue Ring
Callen Me Doctorr

I Can Tell By The way You Lookin At Me
Im Exactly What You Want
But You Keep Tryna Front Like That
Baby Girl You Can Have Me
And I Promise When Its All Said And Done
You Gon Beg For Me To Run It Back
Ill Have You Screamin

Uhh Ohh. Yeaaaa[x3]
Mmm. Yeaa
dont tell me im too young


The Number One Comment Thay Make
After I Tell My Age
Damn Boy You Youngg
Then A Friend Get Involved
You Thought You Was Gon Pull Her
Boy You Dumb
She Was Like It Aint Even That
You Cute
But I Dnt Mess With Minors
My Man Grown
Im Like Can A Grown Man MAke
Your Shirt And Chest Designer
Shoot, I Bet My Check Is Higher Than Any Nigga
Who Would Try To Wife Her
And Her,Her And You
And If You Roll With Me You Be Ridin In A Vipor
It Aint Nothin But A Number Boo
I Know You Aint Used To No Younger Dude
But I Bet If You Try Me Out. Ill Satisfy You
More Than The Others Do
My Pipe Gamee Good Too
Yea, Near A Week Your Butt Will Be A Lil Fatter
And I Bet If I Hit It From The Back
Youll Scream So Loud You Make The
Windows Shatter.
Shitt, Like The Windows Matter
Now That They Gone Its An Opening
To A New Mindstate
Maybe 17 But At The End Of The Day
She Home With Me



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