Canción 'Viva Tonight' del disco 'Rejoice' interpretada por Katherine Jenkins

Viva Tonight Letra y Canción

Katherine Jenkins

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VIVA TONIGHT es una canción de Katherine Jenkins del año 2007, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Rejoice.


'Viva Tonight'

So here we are
Waking from the shadows to the sun
So near so far
Feeling like our journey’s just begun

All we hope and reach for
Sometimes can’t be found
While we have the chance
Let’s live for now

Viva tonight
I’m by your side
Viva our star our guiding light
Viva the dream
We hold inside
Viva the love the love we share tonight

So hand in hand
Together we are stronger we belong
We understand
Here is where our hearts can be as one

If we lose direction
We’ll get home somehow
So while we have the chance
Let’s live for now

Faces faces all around us
We don’t see them now we’ve found us
We have founds us