Canción 'Can you discover?' del disco 'LP' interpretada por Discovery

Can you discover? Letra


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CAN YOU DISCOVER? es una canción de Discovery del año 2009, este tema está incluido dentro del disco LP.

Letra 'Can you discover?'

Oh baby baby baby babe
How long am I supposed to wait?
I think about you nightly
Can you tell I'm losing sleep?
Oh what am I supposed to do?
It's hard to stay cool
When you smile at me
And I get nervous every time you speek

My bed's too big for just me
When you turn your eyes
I promise I won't care
Oh baby baby baby babe
Oh baby baby baby please
My heart sinks to my knees
Oh baby baby do you know
I think about you nightly?

When I look in your eyes
I tend to lose my thoughts
Don't forget your stare
What was that you said?
Would you let me know?
Cause I can't read your mind

Oh can you tell
I can't even explain?

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