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SWING THREE es una canción de Discovery del año 2009, este tema está incluido dentro del disco LP.


'Swing Three'

RB: If I was a boy at sea
I would be swinging from a broken tree
I would be down on my back looking up at the stars at night

And if I could get back to reach to reach the saltiest of evergreens
You know that I would turn back just to fight the whites of iron eyes

When I hear that wind, and I think of spring
Underneath an open window a carved out sign and
Often I would fight with my mind

WM: Saltwater brine where you hung your crown
When you washed your eyes in last night's tea
I thought you might come out from that dream to find that

RB: Underneath the pine, grew a patch of thyme
That I burned for six days in the sun
Til I heard the distant sound of drums

WM: Oh the queen had come, and the king had died
And my forehead burned but I closed my eyes
RB: Before I go I've got to run, down the street to the market cove where I could
Find six seeds to bring back to the yard and plant underneath the birch tree
No white skies or red sun light
In the saltwater brine my forehead burned but I closed my eyes

Whoa now you've got to go
WM: If I was a boy...