Pierce the Veil

Before Today

Pierce the Veil


Why, do I talk so
And it's your fault
You're the only one that breaks away

Your fault now
When we had fun, we had fun, we had fun
Everyday will become night and end without a change

We'll try still strong in chains
Urging the mind
To speak until weakness has been disarmed

You, I'll be back for you
We'll try, I'll find you
These midnight masquerades

Are still strong in their chains
It's the motion in our blood
That has since ran out of love

And it's so hard
When we've wasted all our youth on you
Wait for the same moon

We were smoking on a cold day's afternoon
In the same fire we'll soon untie
When it's over the scenes fall in two
When it's over the sun will be back for you
We'll soon, we will soon untie

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