Canción 'Ambicion' interpretada por Clave de Barrio

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Clave de Barrio

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AMBICION es una canción de Clave de Barrio.

Ambicion (en inglés)

Universal reality that has consumed you
If you're happy Sos rich is what you hear hatred,
Lost in an era of insatiable consumption
Where has the most is the one that is most memorable

We are all guilty of this heinous damage
The human creator gives value to rice paper
Today is asked God, grant us luck
Asking money and take care of death,

Unfinished Desires, many wet iris
Whoever dreamed ah not reach the end of the rainbow
And have that treasure, gold hands,
To take champagne and smoking cigars 10,000,

Few families were bankrupt
By having bet, every drop,
Gamblers sick, beyond reason
If they could give up his own heart,

It is the new passion of the whole fuc*** planet,
Get out of shopping and popping the card
Sad goal, which imposes among all beings
We are machines, there are few men and women,

Slaves of 12 hours of work duties,
The head becomes a millionaire and you down there you follow
With a cut in the soul, trying to follow
Playing betting with the illusion of getting,

That coveted prize, you have caught
One in a million chance of being lucky
But no matter entrusted you follow
Although you spend what you should not have spent

And this is how it works is addicted wheel
Money as a drug to an addict mind,
And it goes undefeated, consuming illusions
Slowly getting fat blinding with ambitions

Destruction our lifetime cancer
Degeneration, hard feel of infection
Compulsion of desire in his hands
Handling in young and elderly

Mental attacker family and social seduction
but for our existence is fundamental
Invisible curse eats and is expandable
few see because sometimes it becomes illegible

is knowable just look up
if you do not die and if you want to kill you possess
and it always turns it all around the
born and die working for that role

the bitter taste of honey in an instant
receivable and payable pay our world is choking
is complicated living in this Russian roulette
the more we grow life becomes more confusing

give a smile charity felt
but kindness now takes another form
the great disease buy every year
at Christmas, kings, holidays and birthdays

plunderer of trust and friendships
creator of hatred and greed criminalities
took poison and torture that does not stop
pours a way in reality that condemns us

interwar kill us wanting more power
I observe oil bright crazy
That is pleasure? Death reward for gold
Here life is worth living and well decorated it

Abstract nature you let us in passing
On land purchased your only action is cut
Your Business fade whole territory
Achieving that wild organize its wake

Angry nerves abuse awareness
Breaking both crying as impotence
Dementia resting born soon
When growing up I feel will understand and change

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