Canción 'Ninjas' interpretada por The Midnight Beast

Ninjas Letra y Canción

The Midnight Beast

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NINJAS es una canción de The Midnight Beast.



Im a ninja
Of the dance floor
I got a craving for whatevers yours
Im a fuc*** ninja
Of the dance floor
I do the things that you cant ignore

Are you a ninja?!
Do you drink special brew?
Cause you cant afford a bottle of the champagne too?

Get out the kitchen if you cant take the heat
I never eat cause
I havent had a good night till Im sick in the street

Ah bro that really smells
What have you been drinking man
Super strongbow motherfuc*** do you wanna can?

I dont pay by card and
I dont pay by cheque man
Ill give you so much change you cant even hold it in
your hand I I...

Im an assassin of the dance floor right?
I silently assassinate every drink in sight
I got eyes like a hawk a serial drink thief
Im like Robin Hood apart from that Im robbing for me

From the rich cause Im poor
A celebrity whore
Im the type of boy you told your daughters to watch out for

And my hands are like samurai swords
But theyre not metal so nothing like swords
Theyre just hands what the f*** you saying man?

But Im still a ninja
Of the dance floor
My hands look nothing like samurai swords
But Im a fuc*** ninja
Of the dance floor
So get ready for what I got in store

I went to cheapskates, to be a cheapskate
I went to punk to getta lil crunk
I went to mahiki thought I could be cheeky
They wouldnt let me in -NAH
Till I showed my kata-NAH

Is that my drink?
I-aint got no drink
I swear thats my drink
It was just any drink

Well my drinks been drunk OH WELL
That shit got stung OH WELL

Oh well, welly welly
Lets take a ride like Nelly
We could move like jelly
Were invisible were up all night

Ive got special powers
I can stay up for seven whole hours
I can see when its foggy foggy
Like snoop doggy doggy

Im a ninja dick face got a tattoo to prove it!
Dont ever let me see you waste your drink cuz Ill lose it
Give you five whole seconds to finish it up
Till I come around the corner take a shit in your cup

Im a ninja
Of the dance floor
Ill take a shit in everything thats yours
Im a fuc*** ninja
Of the dance floor
I drink more than a liquor store

Are you a ninja? WHAT!
Of the dancefloor? WHAT!
Baby Im a ninja
In a western world
Now lets hear it from my ninja girl

Baby Boo, all of my friends are Ninjas too just like you