Chantelle Paige

I know you love to say how much you're feeling me
And I know I'm short on words -you make it hard to breathe
But honey I assure ya I adore ya and I'm yearning for ya
It's hard for me to go and say that
I know these words are what you need
But just know it's hard to speak so watch my body
Cause ah ah oh baby it's cool OH

You bring the flowers to my door
I bring the water to your pool
You bring the fire when I'm cold
And in the summer I'm your cool
So when it seems we're not the same
Baby it's cool
I promise baby it's cool

You know what I was wearing when you first met me
And you know that I forget our anniversary
But honey you remind me I'm way off timing
And you're right beside me
Trying to get me back on track
You know I hate our arguing
And I know a kiss will stop you being mad at me
And ahh baby it's cool yeah

You're attitude is fire but I am your cool
And all my flaws expire cause I'm perfect to you
When I'm blonde with the things I say and do
You just smile cause you think it's kinda cute
Our imperfections work in beautiful ways

You bring the flowers to my door
I bring the water to your pool
You bring the fire when I'm cold
And in the summer I'm your cool
So when it seems we're not the same
Baby it's cool
I promise baby it's cool

I know that I been gone and I'm always on the move
And you been all alone doin what you gotta do
Baby you rain or shine makin us weather proof
Whether we together or seperate you rep it, it's cool
I'm out here -no doubts and no fears
Handlin my bizzy no blunts and no beers
If I ain't with my baby no toast and no cheers
You my definition of celebration -that's what it is
Envision in how it bends when I'm in
When daddy get home homework will begin
The pool to the living room kitchen to the den
I'm archaeologist and it's diggin deep within
I'm guessin that's the jist of it
Had to give you just a bit
Chantelle champagne with a piper twist in it
Flipsyde campaign just in case you missed the shyt
Baby it's cool keep doing what you do

You will always be my sun
When you're gone the night comes
By your side is where I'll be
That's where I'm most happy
You always think things through
I'll just jump in like I always do

And I know you'll catch me

Letra añadida por: DarkSideOfTheSun

Chantelle Paige
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