Letra de la canción

Thrown and sick
on a rotten bed
to die alone
never see the dawn
without see the dawn
without a thought
you struggle near death
death will find you
still splattered in pain.

it's your hell
isane hell
it's your hell
dante's inferno

Thrown in the world
under streets muddy with blood
where poets die
and the sky thrashes in agony
twilight visions
demons and diamonds
fall down before your eyes
in the endiess dark

it's your hell
isane hell
it´s your hell
dante´s inferno

Guided to the precipice
you want to hear only regret
flesh struggless from anxiety
another life without
millons of dead rusted souls
slippery roads of pain
wait for another opportunity
suffering eternity

it's your hell
isane hell
it´s your hell
dante´s inferno.
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