Canción 'Bye Bye Baby' interpretada por Bay City Rollers

Bye Bye Baby Letra y Canción

Bay City Rollers

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BYE BYE BABY es una canción de Bay City Rollers.


'Bye Bye Baby'

If you hate me after what I say
Can't put it off any longer
Just gotta tell her anyway.

Bye bye baby, baby goodbye.
Bye baby, baby bye bye.
Bye bye baby, don't make me cry
Bye baby, baby bye bye.

You're the one girl in town I'd marry
Girl, I'd marry you now if I were free
I wish it could be
I could love you but why begin it
Cause there ain't any future in it
She's got me but I'm not free so


Wish I never had known you better
Wish I knew you before I met her
Gee, how good it would be for me
Should have told her that I can't linger
There's a wedding ring on my finger
She's got me but I'm not free so