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I have nothing to say
Well, life is rough
I just don’t know where leading ladies come from
The World is in your hands
But you stay calm
There’s no relief
But with me you can stay strong, ¡oh

I Look up
But nothing is real. Can’t you see?
They don’t stop
Wont leave me alone
Drag me in
You wanna hide
I don’t wanna know
Save your words
Let me go

Why did you go?
Cause I´ve come to take your fears away
Why did you go?
Yes, I know…

I Desire a substitute
Well, life is rough
I just don’t know why things are getting so tough
The World is at your feet
But then at last…
I come along
And rescue you from your past, ¡oh

Why did you go?
I’ll stay calm
‘cause everytime you say
This is the cost of being lost

Letra añadida por: lunap94 (#5.394)

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