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Shawty Mane (Letra/Lyrics)

All righ
speaking in tongues yaba diba diba daba wala,
im killing this
call up lady gaga, on my,
on my telephone hela don
, you're girl beats no metronome my new chick
, shea yellow bone
, i buz yellow stone cuz i like the way she like that yellow
So ima raptor tearin in up like a tractor
Matter of fact im killing this crap, ur a slacker
Sack like a slacker, hello Mr. Brady tell em leave the hair for the guy who sing
Baby. Baby,
someone try to save me lately
i've been hearing these thing that sound crazy,
Da.. Da.. Da..
speaking in tongues alrinhg stop, drop and roll justin
bieber is on fire
ist time to realize its time to call me young sire
you're the seller, i'm the buyer You're the teller and
i'm higher
i'm higher thet the highest point and yes i am flyer
And i'm wired to the game
Stay dry when it rains I'm tired of the fame,
are you proud of the paint
Yes, were the same
yes i'm insane and my mane hangs down
i'm a pippet got strings.
I murdered thet man
Shawty mane,
What you doin Shawty mane?
haha i'm justin bieber
you guys might know me uuh, as the guy you know sings Baby
You know uhh i'm a singer A pop singer Uuh,
i'm WHITE But um you know
i just wanted to do this just to prove that you know uh
i got skills on on on... the RAP game So...
yeaa, what up julkeyz?
YO. I killed that

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