Disco 'Some Kind of Trouble' (2010) al que pertenece la canción 'Best Laid Plans'

Best Laid Plans

James Blunt


Don't like it in the shadows
You won't let me shine a light
I would wash away your troubles
But it seems
The more that I hold on
The more that you let go
And I know, you better let somebody love you
or find yourself, on your own
Tell me why all the best laid plans
fall apart in your hands
And my good intentions never end,
the way I meant

If we don't talk about the future
Then should I just, follow you into the dark
Yeah, and does your silence keep you cold
While the cracks form on my heart
Chorus X 1
It seems to me some fine friends have watched you turn your back
It seems you only want the things that you can't have.
Chorus X 2

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