Letra de la canción

Father, forgive me not
I'll find my own way without an autopilot
Indoctrined to believe, in oblivion deceived
What is there to achieve?
Imprisoned in flesh, the mind - the key
Reach for the dreams that will set you free
Eclectic perfecting the ways of the self
My way for myself and nobody else

There is no God looking over my soul
Cursed, abandoned and out of control
Hold me down and throw the first stone
The burden is mine to carry alone
I find no forgiveness in thy faith
Condemned before I turned away
Let the blood of the martyrs wash away the blood
On the path that leads to your God

Deities, conspiracies - twisted myths throughout history
No higher cause, no deeper meaning, no hidden truth to
believe in
Flex-fit wisdom, divided kingdom - a thousand ways to
Lost, not found, each to his own - united under one
Smoke and mirror, war and terror - heaven is just a
state of mind
The earth laid to waste, inevitable fate - build a
tower to reach the sky
Comfortably numb, to the word succumb
between me and God there is nothing at all
Judge me not, are you righteous enough?
I stand alone and I take the fall

Throw me to the deeps where I've already been
Torment me with visions I've already seen
I was always on the outside looking in
Self-awareness is the greatest sin
The deeper the fall the higher the rise
From their ceremonial shortcuts to paradise
With awe thou shalt crumble into submission
Reach out for the clenched fist of salvation

Letra añadida por: ÄbäddöŅ™

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